Jul 09

Step By Step Guide On How to Apply Mascara For A Great Result

You should focus on your eyes when applying facial makeup because they are the most striking feature on your face. Mascara brings out the beauty in your eyes by adding more volume to your eyelashes. However, applying mascara on your eyes is a delicate process that requires care and patience to avoid unpleasant mishaps. The process starts with an assembly of items that are necessary for the application such as foundation, primer, a concealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, a lash curler and a lash comb. You also have to choose your favorite mascara. Here is a systematic guide on how to apply mascara to achieve a great result every time.

- The First Step

Cleanse your eyes and apply primer on your face, a concealer will help you to conceal spots or blemishes on the skin around your eyes. It is important for you to note that wearing foundation and a concealer in addition to primer causes your mascara to last for a longer period. Apply a base of foundation and then apply your eye shadow. Take your eyeliner and use it to create your eyes in a manner that is pleasing to you. For example, you can use a thick line or a thin line as an outline depending on your taste and preference.

- The Second Step

Assemble a lash curler and a mascara brush for this step. Curl your lashes using your lash curler to and then turn you attention to the mascara brush. Dip this brush into the mascara bottle twice or thrice times to coat the bristles of the brush with mascara. Close your eyes and then use the brush to apply mascara. mascara brushApply it neatly from the roots of your upper lashes to the tips but keep your eyes open when you apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of your upper lashes. Move to the lower lashes and repeat this same process.

- The Final Step

Use your lash comb to remove excess mascara clumps present on your eyelashes, close your eyes while you do this. Start by removing mascara from the tips to the roots of your eyelashes but make sure you open your eyes when you comb your eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Add another coat of mascara by repeating all the steps mentioned thus far. Leave your mascara to dry for about two to three minutes and then use a lash curler for extra curling. These are all steps that you need to follow when applying mascara. Go on. Try it today.